Our Approach



Disciples are made, not born. Discipleship is not, in any sense, a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is an activity/process that is both personal and intentional that finds its source in our love for Jesus, and our desire to walk in obedience to Him. It starts by introducing men and women to Jesus and continues as we walk with them in their journey toward Christ-likeness, equipping them for service, with the help of The Holy Spirit.

Disciple making is an endeavour of the whole church. Growing out of our love for God, it is the central focus that underpins all church activity.

Disciple making is an intentional pursuit, personal in nature and actively supported and resourced by the church body as we equip men and women for service. We are an elder led church.

When do we meet?

Every Sunday morning – (The first Sunday each month we remember the Lord’s Table together).

During the week in homes for interactive bible study and prayer.

Ayrshire Bible Church